Import Consulting
Do you want to bring imported products to improve your product portfolio? Or do you need to bring machinery and raw materials from abroad to expand your business?
As Global Trade, we manage this whole complex process on your behalf, from the beginning to the end, by conducting research on the products you are considering to import, and finding the manufacturers or suppliers that meet your needs, by making negotiations with the companies on your behalf and carrying out all the necessary procedures on your behalf, from the transportation organization to the customs clearance processes. We manage your processes in the best way, and we offer our valuable business partners the comfort of importing without leaving their offices, and we ensure your growth.

What We Offer to Our Business Partners in Our Import Consultancy Service;

  1. Identifying needs.
  2. Reporting the flow of demanded products in world trade.
  3. Determining the manufacturers and suppliers that can best respond to the demands.
  4. Planning and executing the visits of suppliers, international fairs.
  5. Conducting necessary meetings with Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  6. Organization and management of all customs, logistics and other processes regarding the products to be imported.