After examining your company and your products, considering your target countries determined as a result of the market research we have done, consultants with language competence suitable for this market begin to work for you.
While every consultant working in our team speaks English at the Business level, we have consultants who speaks German, Spanish and Russian as a second language, and we continue to expand the language family of our team day by day.
All of our consultants start their work by combining the training they received in the ‘Sales Academy’ with the detailed information they received from the companies they are consultants, and they make their sales by working with a result-oriented approach in a short time.
As a result of the market research, online research is carried out in the languages of the countries determined. Online research includes many steps starting from various intelligence sites to filtering the social media accounts of companies in the relevant countries. Apart from this, we regularly hold meetings with consultancy companies like us, with whom we are in close contact, and act as a bridge between countries.
Our consultants will work in the most efficient way for your company at least 3 hours a day in the planning they will make 5 days a week and depending on the number of clients.
We would like to exemplify this planning for you as follows; In accordance with our company rules, a consultant in Global Trade Agencies provides consultancy to a maximum of 3 companies at the same time, accordingly, he allocates 3 hours of working time to each company he provides consultancy during a working time of 10 hours per day, and makes daily reports and the next day’s planning in the remaining 1 hour. As we mentioned above, this period varies depending on the number of active clients of the counselors.
The consultants record all their daily work in the daily report and share the work done that week and the next week’s plan with them in the weekly meetings they hold with their business partners. Apart from this, business partners can contact their consultants 24/7 via the contact number shared with them.
Thanks to the dynamics that change and develop rapidly with the pandemic in education, daily life and business life, being in a different city does not prevent us from managing this process. Global Trade Agencies consultants are able to continue their effective work without slowing down, regardless of location, as long as they have a computer, internet and a phone with which they can make international calls, and they keep up with the changing dynamics in the best way.