CatJet Cat Litter
Products: Natural, Baby powder, Lavender, Marseille Soap, Active Carbon
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About us:

We established GTA Export - Import and Consultancy Company in 2021 depend on our 10 year experience in export – import field. In our company, where we mainly focus on pet products, we launched our own cat litter brand "CATJET" in 2022.

We continue to serve our business partners in the field of pet accessories, as well as our cat litter, which we produce from world-renowned mines in the Black Sea region of our country.

We produce cat litter of high and stable quality by controlling all stages of the production, packaging and shipping process of our raw material which has the highest quality and reserves in the region.


Our quality policy:

Our raw material, which is extracted from one of the largest and highest quality Bentonite quarries in the world, is processed and dust-free in the activation and drying facility sized with a double sieve system designed with high technology.

All production stages are monitored and controlled in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 KYS and TSE Standards, at the result of that our products gain 99.5% dust-free rate, high liquid absorption capacity and ultra-clumping feature.

Our products, which are filled in automatic machines, are delivered to our business partners with quality sales and after-sales support, with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction, thanks to our experienced team.