Export Consulting
As a result of the shrinking national market and global crises constantly changing the exchange rates, the importance of exports in our country is increasing day by day, as in every country, and the support given to exporting companies is increasing.
GTA provide services for export consultancy in Turkey

Despite the advantage of our geography that brings the East and the West together, and despite the fact that Turkish made products are seen as quality products both in our neighbors and in many parts of the world, our country still cannot show its full potential in terms of export. The main reasons for this are the language barrier and the fear on businesses that the export procedures are not well known. As Global Trade, we support our business partners in all processes, from choosing the right market to the delivery of the product and receiving their payment, in order to export the products they produce, we carry out the entire process on your behalf within the scope of the service package you have chosen, and report it to you regularly.

What We Offer to Our Business Partners in Our Export Consultancy Service;

  1. Analyzing the company’s products and making them suitable for export.
  2. Conducting market research and determining the most suitable markets.
  3. Listing potential customers.
  4. Creating market entry strategies.
  5. Preparation of promotions and promotional materials on behalf of the company.
  6. Conducting necessary meetings with potential customers.
  7. Planning international fairs and participating with the company.
  8. Customer visits, online meetings.
  9. Making presentations to visiting customers and providing translation services.
  10. Organization and management of all customs, logistics and other processes from the preparation of the products to be exported to the delivery to the customer.

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